For over 150 years, Virginia has made quality its company philosophy.

The distant origins, the official acknowledgements received, and above all, the appreciation of its Customers, are qualities Virginia is greatly proud of. This is why Virginia has never ceased to seek out and maintain outstanding levels of quality.
The century-old experience handed down through the generations, along with the modern patisserie creativity of its labor, and the use of selected ingredients, allow us to reach an inimitable level of quality.
In Virginia, it's not the sweets and recipes that are molded around the technology, but the machineries rather that are specifically designed to respect the product.
The assortment today includes, in addition to the famous soft Amaretti, a wide range of sweet specialties, among which countless small pastries, traditional desserts for Festivals, and other delicacies.
Special care is also put in presenting the numerous specialties, with the incessant conception of refined and exclusive confections that go along the classic ones, which bear witness to the treasured images of an age, pleasant memories of the art of good life.